Winter In Porjus

Husky Sledge Experiences.

If you are interested in this we can provide you with company names so you can book directly.

Reindeer sleigh rides or meeting reindeer.

If you would like to ride a sleigh or just have a reindeer selfie we can provide you with the names of companies so you can meet some of Santas favorite workers. Please note your own transport is needed for both of these options.

Snowmobile Tours.
If you interested in this we can provide you with company names so you can book directly.
Ice Hotel.
The Ice Hotel at Kiruna offer day tickets to visitors. You will need to have your own transport as Kiruna is a 2 hour drive away and is not possible to use public transport for a day visit. Day tickets are 349 kr.


Fancy a sauna? Ours is available to hire and, if we have a Northern Lights display going on, you can relax in the sauna and watch from there. We charge 100 kr per session to cover fuel and cleaning charges.


The grillhouse is also available to hire. It can comfortably seat 6 people for a cosy meal grilled over hot coals.
Our charge for this is also 100 kr per session which covers fuel and cleaning charges.


Nordic Skiing.
As you can see from the photograph above, we have a wide range of skis, poles, boots and clothing in various sizes that can be used free of charge by the guests. There are various trails around the village that you can use.
Downhill Skiing.
Downhill skiing in Porjus. Small slope opens 3 times a week for 3 hour periods. Wednesday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Although we have a small range of downhill equipment that guests can use, we only hold a small amount of boots so it is probably best to bring your own.

Skiing at Dundret is also an option and is a 40 minutes drive away. It is a full ski resort offering a variety of downhill runs and Nordic trails. Details can be found at: