Summer In Porjus

As the snow melts the whole dynamic of the countryside changes. As the Northern Lights fade, hiking, fishing, cycling and hunting are examples of what is available.

Stora Sjofallet — Stunning scenery is just 50 minutes away.

4 National Parks close by —  Padjelanta,Sarek, Abisko and Muddus. (Link)

Fishing — There are many rivers and lakes close by. If you visit the website you can find out about fishing areas and buy fishing permits for Sweden and Norway. Our area is covered by Länsstryelsen norrbotten where you can download maps

Bird watching — Lusperbryggan is a great place to observe many species of birds and is only about 8kms from Porjus. Many different species can be seen in the National parks and a great number of ornithologists use us as a base.

Photography — The area is a great place for photography, ranging from wildlife to stunning sunsets and scenery.

Golf in the Midnight Sun — Play a round of at our local golf course. (Link)

Local Helicopter Company — During the summer months, Fiskflygg fly sightseeing tours from Stora Sjofallet. Further details can be found here. (Link)

 Aitik Copper Mine Tour — Gallivare town. (Link)

Sami Culture, Museum and Souvenirs — Jokkmokk town.  (Link)

Visit Easy Elsie  —  Just outside the village lie the remains of a Royal Air Force Lancaster that crash landed during the Second World War. Google Easy Elsie for the story.

During the summer season the Inlandsbanan train stops at the apartments once in the morning and once in the evening making the apartments a great place to stay for a day or two as you explore the countryside. (Link)