The restaurant will be opening every day starting mid June until mid August. Opening hours will be updated closer to he time.

Pre-ordered breakfasts are 80 kr per person


                                                                                    Evening 2021 menu

                                                                Pre – booked 24 hours notice needed



Soup of the day 80kr

Soup of the day served in a bread bowl 100kr

Glazed meatballs with leaves 90kr

Deep fried beer battered Camembert 90kr

Reindeer skewer on butter fried homemade bread and horseradish mayonnaise 100kr

Fish goujons 80kr

Chicken strips 80kr 


Pork fillet in a balsamic and honey glaze 200kr

Local reindeer served in a cream, mushroom and onion sauce with lingonberry jam 200kr

Reindeer fillet served with blueberry gravy 300kr

Sliced reindeer on homemade flatbread with horseradish crème fraiche and lingon 180kr

Homemade beefburger with fries   120kr

 Reindeer burger served on a homemade bun 150kr

Moose burger served on a homemade bun 150kr

Sliders – 3 burgers , (moose, beef and reindeer) each served in a homemade bun with fries and salad  180 kr

Swedish meatballs in a cream sauce with lingonberry jam 180kr

Salmon fillet served with cheese and leek sauce 200kr

Fjällrödingfile served on cherry tomatoes and green beans 200kr

Goats cheese, beetroot and walnut tart 200kr

Grilled halloumi and vegetables served on a homemade flatbread 150kr

Fish goujons as a main course 120kr

Chicken strips as a main course 120kr

Sharing Meal

Raclette Served with an assortment of sides

Chicken and Beef 300kr per person

Reindeer and Moose 400kr per person

Whole Brie (V) 150kr per person 


Swedish apple cake with vanilla cream 60kr

Chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce 60kr

Swedish waffle with lingonberry jam and cream 35kr or cloudberry jam and cream 45kr

Brownie waffle topped with ice cream, cream and chocolate sauce 70kr

Cheesecake of the day 60kr 


Continental style breakfast is available on request at 80 kr per person